Thoughts From a Nomad
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\So who am I?
Let me start by telling you who (and what) I’m not.  I am not a registered dietician.  I have no certification behind any of the ideas I place before you.  I am not a life coach, trainer, professional chef or medical anything.  I am not a travel agent, recruiter, or sales woman.
I am a lover of new experiences and new ideas.  I enjoy traveling and researching new “fads” and finding out how the everyday things we do/eat/drink etc. affect us in the long run.  I enjoy making food that are yummy and surprisingly healthy.  I like raw, nutritious foods with small ingredient lists and lots of benefits to the body.  I find an inner peace when I am alone in my kitchen.  I enjoy yoga, kickboxing, and circuit training as my main workouts.  I enjoy hiking in remote territories and head banging at metal music festivals.  I love renaissance festivals.  I enjoy reading real books and being alone with my thoughts.
I am not perfect.  I fully believe in life being about balance.  I enjoy alcohol and cigarettes as the mood hits.  I have been known to demolish an entire pizza and a box of dark chocolates in one sitting.  I will never stop eating quality animal meat and I enjoy an occasional sugar rush.

Basically, I am an eclectic, adventurous individual that has decided to share my recipes, ideas, research and general randomness with anyone who has the time/desire to read what I put out there.  Enjoy!

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Self Proclaimed Nomad

Wizardess in the Kitchen

I am an everyday person that loves learning new cultures, seeing new sights, and breaking out of the societal box.  If I could get paid just to travel all around the world, I would be happy as!
Ok, so maybe not THAT good, but part of the reason I have started this blog is because I have recieved multiple proposals after people have eaten my cooking, and because I am constantly being asked for my recipes.  I enjoy feeding people when I visit them or they visit me, and I enjoy it even more knowing that I am not just filling them up with proccessed foods and refined sugars.  Don't get me wrong, I am well known for my yummy desserts, most people just don't realize they are healthy too. 

No One Is Perfect

I enjoy researching new "fads" and finding the flaws in the logic.  I also enjoy helping people make cooking at home healthier and more satisfying.  There are many supposed "healthy foods" I am against that others swear by; many having to do with marketing.  I get very passionate about breaking the "sheeple curse" as I call it.
I am mearly putting my thoughts out there for anyone who is interested.  I do not consider myself a "writer" by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes I have a way of making people laugh through my antics on paper.  
  1. Embrace Individualism
    Embrace Individualism
    Break out of the box and strip away the labels. Life is much more enjoyable if you just take it as it is. Enjoy the quirky, weird, somewhat crazy traits in yourself and others!
  2. Real Foods
    Real Foods
    Alkaline, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore: Whatever you choose to be, know how to break away from the media brainwashing, read labels, and decide for yourself.
  3. Mind and Body
    Mind and Body
    Exercise your mind as well as your body for a happy, wholesome state of being. An open mind can bring wonderful, new, and unexpected things your way!