Am I Suffering From Acidosis?

     When your body fluids contain too much acid, this is known as acidosis. Acidosis occurs when your kidneys and lungs can’t keep your body’s pH in balance (healthline).  Most digestive disorders, such as indigestion, nausea, gastric reflux (heartburn), are symptoms caused by acidosis. This is because the pancreas is exhausted and loses the ability to decode the food and tell the body what to do with it.
    Every system is affected by acidosis.  Inflammation of the joints and muscles, heart disease, headaches, lack of oxygen through cells, arthritis, acne… the list of ailments caused by our over consumption of processed, low nutrient “foods” is astounding.  
The heartburn issue was what drew my husband and I to alkalizing through Yoli.  A friend had cured her heartburn through the system and we were interested to see if he would have the same results.  When he stays eating alkaline, it does help quite a bit.    
Many people have asked me “How did you know you were acidic?  Is there some kind of test you can take?”
    While yes, you can order ph strips to test your ph, I did not need to to know I was living acidically.  I wear black; it is the only color I am comfortable in and I think it is comforting and beautiful.  However, I found my black shirts, especially the ones I wore to the gym, would constantly get a “bleached” ring around the neck.  Not like bleach was spilled on it but a brownish/greyish ring starting at the neck and extending to about mid bra.  It irritated and kind of creeped me out but I had no idea what was wrong with me.
    One day I just decided to do an internet search and see if anyone else had this problem.  I was surprised to find that, yes it is a fairly common plight.  No one in the forums I found really said anything about acidity or how to counteract the “sweat effect”, so while I was relieved to know it was not just me, I had no real answer to my problem.
    Then Alli came along with Yoli.  She was so excited about the results she was having and explained to me the principle behind the alkalizing system.  This was not how I got involved in Alkaline Diet research, but as I have stated before, it is a great place to start.  Anyway, I gave Yoli a shot and between the system and working 18 hour days, I dropped a lot of weight.  I wasn’t as exhausted as I had been, however, and even though I didn’t really have time/desire to eat, I still felt like I was giving my body good nutrition.
    Somewhere along the way in researching Alkaline Eating (before I even thought about making my own website and saving my sources) I discovered a connection between too much acid in the body causing “acidic sweat”.  Sweat is one way the body detoxes so it made complete sense that if you have a lot of acidic ash and nutrients your body doesn’t know what to do with, it will expel it by any means necessary.  
    So, I started eating alkaline and kept my eyes open for changes.  The main thing I noticed at first is how much better my skin looks.  In my late 20’s I finally don’t have massive acne problems anymore.  My skin tone has balanced out and is less oily, even in humid climates.  My hair, also, seems to be growing healthier and a bit faster than it had been before.

    After a while it was obvious that my blacks were not getting the strange “bleach ring” anymore.  This made me amazingly happy!  Finally, my blacks will stay black longer!  Since I am not one of those, “always in the mood to shop” kind of girls, I was very excited about this.  I am more of the “this is my favorite shirt, I’ve had it for ten years, I refuse to let it fall apart” kind of girls.