Do I Have To Give Up All Acidic Food?

    So what do you have to give up to be alkaline?  The good news is, not as much as you would think.  Eating 100% alkaline can be just as bad as eating too acidic.  Some days you may want to eat only alkaline to balance out or in the beginning to help you recognise alkaline foods easily.  Most suggestions I have found (and more importantly agree with) say between 75-80% alkaline and 20-25% acid.  
    What does that mean?  The easiest way to explain it is for every acidic thing on your plate (animal protein for most of us) balance it with three alkaline servings (dry salad, sunflower seeds, pumpkin mash).  Try to keep your snacks only alkaline but again, if you want to mix almonds and seeds with walnuts, peanut, cashews etc, go for it.  Limit bread intake or switch to breads that don’t have yeast, use sprouted or nut flours, and have no added salt/sugar/dairy when possible.  This is where getting in the kitchen and making your own bread comes in handy.  Also, limiting bread will make it easier for you to fill up on healthy veggies rather than mostly acidic sandwiches.
    The biggest help you will get is making sure your beverages are alkaline.  Up your intake of water and lemon water (hot or cold), herbal (non fruity/flowery) teas, green drinks, fresh vegetable juices etc.  Steer clear of or at least limit your intake of fruit juices, dairy, coffee, black tea etc.  There are alkaline coffee replacements on the market these days that you can try.  Switch your morning orange juice to no sugar added grapefruit.  
    Fruits are a tough one.  Due to the high natural sugar content, many fruits are acidic by nature.  The most alkaline fruits are grapefruit, lemon, lime, tomatoes and avocados.  But wait, lemons and limes are extremely acidic right?!  Yes, on the ph scale they are very acidic, however, the affect they have on the body when ingested is alkalizing.  This is not to say you have to give up your favorite fruit or force yourself to eat a lemon a day.  Limit your overall fruit intake and search for quality green drinks that have a good mix of fruits and veggies so you are not missing out on the nutrients you get from them.  You can also get “red drinks”, which are mostly powdered fruits without the sugar content.