Czech Republic, Under Rated Country That You Must See

The Czech Republic was a place I knew I wanted to visit but I had no idea I would adore it as much as I did.  From the Bone Church in Prague to the crumbling castle outside Ceska Lipa, you never what gem you are going to stumble onto.  I spent my time there at a music festival, hiking to Hell, exploring cemeteries, and drinking a lot of really good beer.
The Czech landscape is exceedingly varied.  The west consists of a basin drained by the Elbe and the Vltava rivers, surrounded by mostly low mountains. The highest point in the country is located here.  The eastern part of the country is also quite hilly. Water from the landlocked Czech Republic flows to three different seas: the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Black Sea. There are four national parks in the Czech Republic. The oldest is Krkonoše National Park(Biosphere Reserve), Šumava National Park (Biosphere Reserve), Podyjí National Park, and Bohemian Switzerland.