Dr. Axe: Leaky Gut

One of my absolute favorite Functional Medicine doctors is Dr. Axe.  Dr. Josh Axe is a C.N.S. (Certified Nutrition Specialist), a Natural Medicine expert, a licensed chiropractor, a speaker for Fortune 500 Companies (Nissan, Whole Foods) and specializes in functional medicine. He’s a regular contributing writer for one of the largest U.S. natural supplement companies, Garden of Life.  He has a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine.  In 2008 he started Exodus Health Center, which grew to become one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the world.

Dr. Axe was the one who first opened my mind to leaky gut syndrome and how important gut biome is to overall health.  His bone broth protein powder is a key addition to my overall eating plan due to it’s high quality nutrition, proven research, and great taste.  His many other products to help heal the lining of your gut are immensely beneficial if you are just starting to repair your body.  I especially like the Candida Combat, Thyroid Support System, and Leaky Gut Support powder.  

Dr. Axe has several great books and programs available, including The Real Food Diet Cookbook  and Healing Leaky Gut. These books and programs combine the power of advanced nutrition with recipes, superfoods and cleansing to help people reach their optimum level of health, all in addition to his acclaimed natural health website.  He  has been a regular writer for Beyond Organic and Garden of Life, two of the largest nutritional companies in the United States. He has taught corporate wellness programs for companies such as Nissan, Whole Foods, Mercy Ministries, Lifeway, and other large corporations.

As a syndicated radio show host with a popular podcast in the Dr. Axe Show, he interviews the world’s leading health experts and answers common health questions along with covering the latest natural health news. He’s also a highly sought after speaker and conference leader in communities and businesses.