Egg Swaps

I have nothing against eggs, but because they are acidic I try to eat them sparingly and enjoy them as omelettes or frittatas rather than in cooking. 
Flax seeds
    1 Tbsp ground flax with 3 Tbsp water = one egg
Chia seeds
    1 Tbsp chia seed with 3 Tbsp water = one egg
(forms more of a gel than flax)
    ¼ Cup banana = one egg
(may give a banana flavor, also high glycemic index)
Oil - be very careful with this one
    ¼ Cup oil = one egg
(make sure it is a good, quality heating oil, not recommended for multiple egg substitution)
    ⅓ Cup applesauce = one egg
(again with this one, may give an apple flavor but will also make cakes/brownies/etc deliciously moist)
Yogurt or Tofu
    ¼ Cup yogurt or blended Tofu = one egg
Pumpkin or Squash
    ⅓ Cup pureed pumpkin/squash = one egg
(again, may add flavor so be careful with this one)