England: Duck Hunts and Pimms

Geographically England includes the central and southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain. It is bordered by two other countries of the United Kingdom—to the north by Scotland and to the west by Wales. England is closer to the European continent than any other part of mainland Britain. It is separated from France by a 21-mile sea gap, though the two countries are connected by the Channel Tunnel near Folkestone. England also has shores on the Irish Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The ports of London, Liverpool, and Newcastle lie on the tidal rivers Thames, Mersey and Tyne respectively. The longest river entirely in England is the Thames, which is 215 miles in length.  The Pennines, known as the "backbone of England", are the oldest range of mountains in the country.  The Pennine landscape is high moorland in upland areas. They contain three national parks, the Yorkshire Dales,Northumberland, and the Peak District. The English Lowlands are to the south of the Pennines, consisting of green rolling hills, where they meet the sea they form white rock exposures such as the Cliffs of Dover.
English Foods:  Traditional examples of English food include the Sunday roast served with assorted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy.  Other prominent meals include fish and chips and the full English breakfast(generally consisting of bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, fried bread, black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, and eggs).  Various meat pies are consumed such as steak and kidney pie, steak and ale pie, etc.  Sausage are also commonly found.  Traditional English dessert dishes include apple pie or other fruit pies; spotted dick – all generally served with custard.
I spent my time there visiting an English bloke I had met while in New Zealand.  He had told me it would be duck hunting season when I was there and that we would have to go on a hunt.  So, decked out in full english tweed early one chilly October morning, we made our way to the host’s house.  We had brought a bottle of champagne so we started the morning with mimosas, scrambled eggs and toast.  We had five rounds of “hunting” broken up by a mid morning break and a luncheon.  This was my first time shooting a double barrel gun so it was an interesting experience but quite fun and I felled at least two birds.  Mid morning break consisted of chocolates, a sweet bread, and my first experience with Pimm’s.  Pimm’s is a fruity liquor, in this case mixed with lemon-lime soda and fresh fruits (apples, oranges, etc.)  It is a staple English summer drink that I enjoyed very much.  Lunch consisted of an open bar, cold cuts, salads, rolls, and chocolate dessert covered in fresh cream.  We finished the day with a whiskey.