Boxed Cake Mix Is A Recipe Ingredient?  Not In My World!!

I know in this day and age everyone feels like they have to rush, rush, rush and they have no time for anything.  Sometimes just planning out a meal and making it seems like too much work when people are tired or have never been taught how to cook.  Sometimes, we just plain don’t feel like cooking.  There is nothing wrong with that; we all need moments where we let other people take care of us, even if it is as simple as letting someone else cook dinner.
However, when did it become acceptable to list other pre-packaged foods as ingredients in recipes?  When did boxed cake mixes become an ingredient to make even more over processed and under nourishing “foods”.  I know it can be a bit overwhelming to think about baking a double layer cake from scratch, even more so when you are making it more raw, healthy etc.  I promise though, after a few tries, it is easy as...

Tip: It is always a great feeling to look at a finished product that has turned out well, be it food, carpentry, a work project, etc.  If you can take pride in what you have put on the table, it will make it more enjoyable for you, and you are less likely to over eat/ eat too fast.