While we are on the subject of liquid diets let’s look at the biggest liquid health booster there is: water.  Filtered, alkaline, heated, iced, however you want to have it, water is the most beneficial health tool you have.  Did you know that most people are chronically dehydrated, and tend to overeat due to an improper thirst function?  When the body realizes that certain basic needs are being ignored it will signal other parts of the body to take up the slack; so, when your body needs hydration, it signals hunger.  
    Everyone knows the signs of extreme dehydration but mild dehydration is just as dangerous.  Because the brain is 75% water, dehydration causes shrinkage of the brain, leading to fatigue, inability to focus, headaches and lightheadedness.  Lack of water in the blood makes the cells unable to maintain and carry the proper amount of oxygen to all systems, leading to abnormal sluggishness or “fuzzy eyes”.  Digestive systems need water to help remove waste product and properly absorb nutrients.
    Everyone knows when they sweat or workout or are sick it is important to drink water, but what about the everyday things that ninja water away from your vital organs?  If you feel thirsty or your mouth is dry, you are already mildly dehydrated.  Nothing will quench your thirst better than straight water; sugary drinks will leave you feeling more thirsty because they dehydrate you as they are digested.  Remember that talk we had about negative effects of table salt?  An overabundance of salt or sugars easily leads to prolonged dehydration without you even realizing it.  
    It is hard for most people to start drinking more water.  When I started, I got an empty milk carton, gallon sized, and made it my daily goal to drink it.  That worked out pretty good.  Downside, I had to empty my bladder A LOT more often.  The good news is your bladder, like your stomach, expands or contracts depending on your typical daily routine.  This means after a while your visits to the bathroom will become less frequent but you will still get the benefits of proper hydration.  Some experts argue a gallon is too much but I have always liked the “half your bodyweight in ounces” principle, so that is what I follow.