Italy From The Train

I flew with Cathay Pacific from Auckland to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Rome.  The flights were both amazing.  Apparently complimentary wine is pretty standard now, and because the flight is so long, you have free access to the rv/movies/games on the monitor in the seat ahead of you.  So I was finally able to watch Age of Ultron, Mazerunner, a couple tv shows, Fast 7; you get the picture, good free entertainment.  Both flights served 2 meals which was pretty cool and actually pretty good.  The first flight I had a beef roast type thing, then braised fish.  Second flight was asian chicken and then eggs and fruit for breakfast.  Again, all served with wine if you so chose, but I stuck with juice and water; mainly because I didn't want to be constantly running to the airplane toilet a lot.  Anyway, both flights were smooth, landed in Rome no problem, got my passport it's first stamp (yeah first, NZ didn't bother) activated my Eurail Pass and away I went.
First trip, Rome to Naples, took just over an hour.  The scenery started out typical subway, graffiti on the tracks, rundown buildings with laundry hanging out the windows, but it quickly gave way to farmlands and hills.  At first there were quite a few tunnels, and I had to pop my ears constantly through them, annoying but thankfully only lasted the first few minutes.  The landscape was lush green and golden where corn and hay had been planted and watered.  Passed quite a few vineyards I would love to go back and tour ;) random cylindrical buildings with stairs spiraling up the outside, old church steeples peaking up over other buildings, pointed and proud.  The buildings were mainly of grey/tan stucco, brick red spanish tile roofs, sunbleached and peeling.  Lots of little farmhouses popping up all over the place, not too ornate but still homey.
I didn't spend a whole lot of time in Naples.  Had issues booking a train to Foggia so I walked around a bit, trying to decide if it was gonna be worth it to wait in line forever or not, seriously looking forward to less popular countries so I don't have to prebook every train.  There are some really neat statues and architecture there, though like any old city some places are very rundown.  Unfortunately I acquired a follower along the way so I booked it back to the train station and decided to heck with Foggia, I would just head on to Milan.  Naples to Milan took about 4 hours.  We passed back through Rome and the landscape north became more foresty/hilly.  More houses were tucked back in the trees rather than on patches of cleared land. Some old houses had greenery growing all along the sides.  The churches and houses began to look more new.  It turned cloudy and a bit chilly.  The train was travelling at 300 kmh but it didn't feel like it.  I could smell pasta dishes and coffee from the bar car.  I fell asleep at one point, but was awakened by the train staff doing ticket checks; I was lucky they didn't on the first train cause I had snuck into the business class cars hehehe.  Milan was interesting because most of the office buildings had rooftop gardens and the city itself had a lot of greenery, breaking up the concrete jungle feel.