Worst Journal Ever

Welcome To My Brain

Ever wonder what people are really thinking?  Well, I am one of those upfront people that has no problem telling you exactly what I think.  That being said, sometimes I offend people, sometimes I make people laugh, sometimes they shake their heads.  The point is, as with food and experiences, I believe people would be much happier if they were just "real" or honest with themselves and those around them.  
I am not a professional writer, or travel blogger, and to be quite honest, I was never good at keeping a journal.  It wasn’t because I was afraid my sisters would steal it and read it, more because I suck at small talk so jotting down quick little notes about the day seemed like a waste of paper and ink.  However, I have found when the mood strikes I can be a decent writer and tend to make people laugh.
That being said, this journal is not your typical travel journal.  I tend to steer away from normal tourist activities, save money by not sleeping in hostels/hotels, and I only take pictures if I am around other people or sans my backpack.  So some places I have been have photos but no words, some have words but no photos, some have both.  There is really no rhyme or reason to my travel journaling, as I tend to keep most memories in my head; not really the kind of girl with photo albums dating back to middle school for nostalgia sake.  

Anyway, I hope you find these entries entertaining, even if they are not incredibly helpful in giving information if you are planning a visit to some of these places.So, this is my little section to say whatever randomness enters into my head.  It may give you a deeper insight into who I am, it may make you hate me, it may make you respect me.  I really can't say, just know that I am not putting any thoughts out there to intentionally offend anyone.
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