Meditate For Health and Confidence

    Like millions of women, for many years I have struggled with body image; not so much with the number on the scale, but my perception of the reflection in the mirror.  I discovered this problem years ago.  I was working out every day, working two jobs, eating healthy, weighed 130 pounds and had a BMI of 12.3.  I was almost to the number goal I had put on myself, but to me my body still had the same fat in the same places and I plateaued, only to gain the weight back, as many people do.
    After 3 different instances of this same pattern, I realized that there was something in my psyche refusing to allow me to reach my ideal body.  I would get close, my brain would freak out, and I would unknowingly and uncontrollably sabotage myself.
    I believe this is a common problem for many people, and like many people I perceived myself to be beaten, weak, and resigned myself to this just being what happened.  I accepted the self sabotage as fact because I had formed the belief somewhere along the way that my body was not designed to be sleek and toned.  I believed that no matter how healthy I eat, how much I move, how many supplements I take, my body will not fully reflect my healthy lifestyle.
    I am speaking in past tense but the truth is, I still have some of these beliefs, which brings me to the point of this article.  I have always been a fan of yoga and dabbled in meditation.  Lately however, I have fully submerged myself in meditation practices; anywhere from 15-120 minutes a day.  Through different practices, mainly visualization and tapping, I have been able to let go of many believes I didn’t even realize I had as well as pinpoint the events in my life that led to these beliefs.  It has been pretty freeing.
    Now however, I find myself in a different kind of subconscious sabotage.  It seems I have anxiety around letting go of my anxiety; how’s that for a catch 22.  I always joked that I would not know what to do if I let go of all my stress; turns out I was right.  See, if you tell yourself something enough times, your brain gets wired to think that way.  So every time I made a joke about not knowing how to live in a relaxed state, my brain wired itself to accept and deeply believe it.  
    The beauty of the brain is, you can rewire it.  It takes some work, dedication, and honesty with yourself, but you can change your perception.  Tapping is a great meditation technique that brings your brain and body into sync.  Other than meditation however, you can change your body image just by being kind to yourself.  Stop the negative self talk, the body shaming, the social comparison, etc.  Accept that you can be healthy, beautiful, and feel great about yourself.  I am still struggling with this as well, but in the few weeks I have been practicing these techniques, my perception has shifted toward a more positive outlook.