Dr. Jade Teta's Metobolic Prime

As I have mentioned before, I truly enjoy being active and working out.  I like a workout that pushes me, a trainer that encourages me, and I like to know that the benefits of the workout stick with me throughout the day.  I don’t want to spend hours on a treadmill only to stop burning calories as soon as I stop.  
    Enter Dr. Jade Teta and his system Metabolic Prime .  Now, to be completely honest, I don’t purchase workouts very often.  I usually just figure out my own routine or search free workouts on youtube to fit my preference that day.  Something about this system however struck me.  The science behind it was something I heard before from a few other sources, and Dr. Jade’s personality seemed honest, full of life, and, well, real.  So I did some more research and discovered that he was partnered with Jonny Bowden, who was a key speaker at a few of the summits I have attended, and I really enjoyed his point of view and passion he has for his work.
    So I decided what the heck, I’ll purchase the system.  It has been one of the best purchases of my life.  For starters, the reading material provided is amazing.  It outlines the story of Dr. Jade and the science behind the system.  It contains a detailed explanation regarding why hormonal imbalance is making it impossible to burn off the midsection fat, regardless of the hours you spend at the gym.  
    The workouts themselves are basic but still push you.  There are three workouts a week, each just over 15 minutes, with an optional 5 minute extreme afterburn.  Jade is constantly pushing you to not only work hard, but to rest as you need it.  This really struck me, considering most trainers push you to keep working through the pain, push harder, etc.  Not that he doesn’t want you to push yourself, but he emphasises the importance of “push until you can’t, rest until you can”.  Believe me, his positive attitude is infectious and you will find yourself truly enjoying the workouts.  On the off days, all the system asks is that you take a walk.  
    Now, I do yoga daily, even on the days I do Metabolic Prime , but I have never seen so much change in my musculature from a workout system so fast, and I did the Insanity Workout years ago.  In a month I could tell my leg muscles were more defined, my core was stronger, and my arms were toning up like crazy.  Now, I like to push myself, so when I do these workouts I wear 1 pound workout gloves and hold 5 pound dumbbells.  However, you can absolutely do these workouts with no weight/lighter weight/heavier weight/resistance bands.  Dr. Jade walks you through all the different modifications to fit your current workout level.
    This workout is one that I am truly passionate about because it is so good, and the people behind are truly amazing.  If you would like to learn more, and I seriously recommend you look into it, check it out here.