"Diet" is such an abused, misunderstood word, so why use it?

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Did you know that overall health is 80% what you eat and 20% your average exercise?  
Most people hear the word "diet" and either feel guilty they aren't on one or belittle the person who said it.  The hardest parts of changing your eating habits, at least in my opinion, are the people around you not understanding why you want to change (usually because it makes them realize how poorly they eat) and breaking away from "food guilt" ie: feeling guilty about eating things you "shouldn't".  Switch to "Way of Eating" for more positive tones.  It sounds silly but it is a lot easier to reset after a day of "unusual for you eating" than after a day of "pigging out"; the human brain is intriguing this way.

Quick Look at the different guidelines I follow

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    Yes, I am a firm believer in the belief that we eat WAY too much acid nowadays. Too much acid in the body has many negative effects including shutting down metabolism and immune functions.
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    Paleo is Alkaline + meat basically. Both follow the basic principles of mostly eating raw veggies, nuts, and fruits and cutting back on processed food. In other words, get in the kitchen and have fun!
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    No Salt, No Processed Sugar
    I don't cook with salt or none fruit derived sugar. A lot of people don't realize there is sodium in almost everything we eat anyway, so I see no reason to add more, and I choose Alkaline fruits.
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    Nothing the Body Can't Process
    Corn in most forms, whole grains still in their shells, artificial sweetners... if the body can't break it down then there is no reason to subject it to it; most peoples digestion is overworked because of this.