Why Would You Ingest That!!

    As I have stated many times, I enjoy trying out new “health” foods or breaking the myth about old ones.  I fully believe people need to read more ingredient labels and put less trust on what is said on the front of the packaging.  Also since I have started going more alkaline, I enjoy trying new green drinks, supplements, etc.  
Even before I started this online project I was experimenting with health type things and sharing my findings.  If I found a really good new Yoga trainer or workout series I would email my sisters to check them out.  I would try diet supplements and fat burners so friends didn’t have to, they would see if I got results and go from there.  I would research the newest “artificial sweetener” just to see exactly how horrible for you it is… I think you get the picture, I enjoy this stuff.  Anyway, the little write ups here are my take on new fads, foods, supplements, basically anything I try or have a strong opinion about, I hope it helps some of you.
This is also where I just rant about diet/marketing/workout stuff that drives me crazy.  Basically it will give you a bit of an insight on how my mind works and just how strange I can be.
If you have any product you would like me to review that is not here, feel free to email me: rshort@live.com.