What Does Eating Raw Really Do For You?

    I’m sure you’ve heard “eat raw” or “eat clean” or the one I truly despise “eat organic”.  What the heck do people mean when they say that?  More importantly why should you care?  Basically, the short and sweet of it is, grow your own food or purchase from farmers markets, cut out premade foods and know where your meat/seafood comes from.
The biggest problem I think people have with this is the fear of cooking.  We make up so many excuses to not use the kitchen; not enough time, cheaper to buy premade, hard cooking for just two people (I admit I have this problem).  It is not entirely surprising considering schools don’t teach practical life skills to kids anymore (after all, the SAT doesn’t care if you can make a seven course meal or balance a checkbook).  My point is, stop being afraid and start having some fun.  Even if you start with one “complicated” meal a week and quick easy meals the rest of the time it will be a step in the right direction.  
 So let’s break it down.  Basically, all these sayings go hand in hand.   This means look for foods with no preservatives or additives.  Sprouted nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits with no sugar or preservatives added, sprouted grain breads, quality meats from responsible farming (this does not necessarily mean labeled “organic”, this may take some research on your part depending what companies are in your area).  Focus on the micronutrients available more than the calorie content of foods.  
 Benefits of eating raw:
  • weight management
  • higher energy
  • brain health/mental focus
  • improved digestion
  • nutrient saturation over chemical saturation
  • better sleep
Really the list goes on and on but I think I made my case.