Romania: Transylvania (The Land Beyond The Forest

    I have always wanted to visit Romania and since I have a friend from college there, I was very excited to be going!  Romania has always intrigued me based on how many myths and fantasy stories take place/originated there.
    Romania is the largest country in Southeastern Europe.  The terrain is distributed roughly equally between mountains, hills and plains. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the centre of Romania, with 14 mountain ranges reaching above 2,000 m or 6,600 ft, and the highest point at Moldoveanu Peak (2,544 m or 8,346 ft). They are surrounded by the Moldavian and Transylvanian plateaus, Carpathian Basin, and Wallachian plains. The Danube river forms a large part of the border with Serbia and Bulgaria.
    We started in Brasov, home of the Black Church among other things.  We hiked up to the Poiana, which is a really big ski resort in the winter and a hiking destination in the summer, and up to the peak of Postavaru.  From there we traveled to Bran to see the castle (you know, Dracula’s Castle), Rasnov to the old fortress, then Sighisoara, which is a completely inhabited yet medieval city, one of the best preserved in Europe.  Sighisoara also had one of the best cemeteries I have ever seen.