Natural Sugar Swaps

I have been known to go on crazy sugar kicks but for the most part I prefer not to use or ingest processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Instead I opt for these swaps.
Date/Fig/Apricot “Caramel”
    Half the fruit amount recipe calls for blended with unsweetened coconut milk, if you can simmer the mixture in a pot for a bit it will draw out a more unified sweetness
Pureed Grapefruit
    may take extra amount recipe calls for as they are not always sweet but very alkaline
Raisin Mix
    Same as the date/apricot but more acidic
Coconut Sugar
    equal amounts swap, though I tend to still half with unsweetened coconut milk
Ripe Pureed Bananas
    equal part swap, though the more ripe the banana the sweeter they are, high glycemic content, will flavor what you are baking
Yoli or similiar protein powders
     These will give your recipes a protein kick, however I would not use equal amounts to substitute, more like a few scoops mixed in with another substitution
Unsweetened applesauce
    equal amount swap
Honey or Maple Syrup, Agave Syrup
    half the amount the recipe calls for mixed with unsweetened coconut milk
    I'm not a huge fan or "artificial sweeteners" but this one is alkaline and seems to have a low negative impact on the body