Travel Tips

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Packing light is the key to making backpacking very enjoyable.  While it can suck to be without your whole wardrobe or favorite accesories, your shoulders and back will thank you I promise.  The main things you want to have are water bottle, tissue/toilet paper, wet wipes, non water soap/toothpaste, torch, matches, rain gear, light towel, light blanket, warm lightweight long sleeved shirt(s), non chocolate protein bars (light weight and wont melt if in warm weather), small tent (not necessary but can be nice) and paper maps in case phone is dead or internet is not accesible.  
Same principle, the lighter you pack the easier it is to get through security.  Make sure your clothes are comfortable and your shoes are easy to slip on and off.  If you can avoid wearing a belt, do so, and keep your wallet in your bag with just your ID in your pocket if you can.  Less jewelry you wear the better.  If they have the x-ray booth that makes you feel like you are being arrested, go for it.  Those things are super easy and make the experience so much faster.  Of course be sure to give yourself enough time to get through and have a book or activity to make the wait more bareable. 
Everyone roadtrips differently.  I prefer not to have to stop very often or spend a lot of money so I stock the car with fruits and veggies to munch as well as extra water. Keep a blanket in the car, and pillow if you need, in case you unexpectedly have to sleep at a rest stop.  Make yourself a kick as collection of music to keep from going crazy or fighting to find a decent radio station.  Keep your phone off to conserve battery and limit distractions, or have bluetooth and make sure you can charge the phone if necessary.  Most importantly, choose your roadtrip pals/vehicle wisely!
International Travel
When I did my Eutope trip I bought a Eurail Pass and it was awesome!  Because I am over 25 it was a first class ticket which was actually pretty great.  Very easy to use and it gives you access to other discounts and lounges in some companies, where you can relax away from most people and even get free coffee/snacks.  The first class trains were rarely full and super comfortable.  The Eurail App was also great.  It gives you facts about the country, foods to try, language tips, main city maps, and you can save money with the rail planner as  it tells you which trains don't require an extra reservation cost.  These trains usually take a bit longer but it's a great way to enjoy the countryside.  Make sure your money/wallet/passport are in easy reach for you but not others (coats with inside pockets or boot clips are great for this).