So what exactlly do people mean when they use the term "Alkaline"?

Alkaline refers to the effect food has on the body's ph.  The human body has a naturally alkaline ph of 7.3 to 7.45.  Most food we eat nowadays have an acidic effect on the body.  This means that our digestive and other waste elimination systems are overworked, leading to a decline in energy levels and an inability to properly fight off disease, general illness, free radicals etc.  It also affects the look of your skin, leading to premature aging and acne problems among other things.
One of the best websites I use when it comes to explaining the "Alkaline Diet" and one of the one I order green drinks and such from is .  Here is their direct explanation:
"The alkaline diet has its roots (no pun intended) in microbiology, plant based nutrition, sports science and longevity studies. It is based on a diet abundant in nutritionally dense foods..."

Processed foods, sugars, preservatives, dairy products, animal proteins all have an acidic effect on the body.  In other articles I will get into how different foods that seem acidic actually are alkaline.  This is because some foods digest into an “alkaline ash”.  Ash is what is left behind in your digestive track after food is broken down; this is where your nutrient absorption comes into play.  If the ash in your gut is acidic, it makes your body work harder to pull out the nutrients and function at optimal levels.  
Under the "Cheat Sheets" section I have listed the most common alkaline foods, but a very good full list is available at  It is difficult to compile a complete list of alkaline foods because no two sources agree with each other.  So the ones I have included are a compilation of the most frequently agreed upon ones I have found.  These are just guidelines; as I am not a scientist, I have no personal research to prove or disprove any of them.
One of the best Alkaline "jump starters" I can suggest was introduced to me by a beautiful soul in Hawaii.  The company is Yoli, and while the meal plan they provide is not entirely alkaline, the rest of their products make up for it.  They also have the best protein powder I have found; it mixes well, tastes great, and works wonderfully in my baking.  I do not work for Yoli, but I have introduced many people to it because I have seen results with everyone who has used it, icluding myself.  You can check out this product online and if you order from my girl Ali at, you can sign up as a prefered customer for discounted product.  Again, I don't work for them, I get nothing from any sales made, I just really believe in the product.